Zenith Art & Fashion is a unique Art & Design platform that unites Cultures through the fusion of the Arts, bringing you the best creations by emerging and mid-career artists & designers from around the world.




At Zenith Art & Fashion, we believe that art should not be restricted by age, race, culture, status or reputation. We choose our artists based on their message, technique, distinct style, and of course their incredible ability, which result in one-a-kind stunning creations.




“Zenith – The time at which something is most powerful or successful.”

Synonym – The Highest Point, Peak or Climax

- Oxford English Dictionary


Zenith Art & Fashion offers a unique collection of stunning artwork, ranging from Painting & Sculpture to Photography & handmade Fashion that includes Jewelry, Accessories and exceptional Wearable Art collections, so that you don’t ever have to leave your home without your favorite piece.



Featured Artist


Ruben Varela is a 21 year old self-taught artist from London but is better known by those in the creative world by his alias Varelarts. He has collaborated with the likes of Chris Brown, MTV and Black Pyramid to name a few. Ruben combines abstract and pop art with a space concept twist. He story telling requires you to focus and look at each section to appreciate his narrative and detail; the combination of contrasted colours in each fragment each have their own meaning. His cartoon style and use of vibrant colours set an atmosphere conveying different emotions. What makes Ruben so respected as an artist is his creativity, and his paintings managing to capture every aura and form of energy to fit the personas mood.


“The universe never ends, creativity never ends, my art will never end” – Varelarts


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