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Zenith Art & Fashion | Now Open Experience the Arts through Zenith: Art & Fashion
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Zenith Art & Fashion is a new conceptual Art Gallery and Fashion platform where we Unite Cultures through the fusion of the Arts. We represent Artists and Designers from all around the world, specializing in the Promotion, Publicity and introduction of their work, name or brand into the US market as well as internationally
Featured Artist
Patrizia Falcone – Italy
Since her youth she has developed a passion for everything having to do with creativity, design and fashion. She graduated as a designer from the Istituto Callegari in Rome and the Accademia di Moda e Costume.


Her works are inspired by the ancient jewelry coming from the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans. They have always managed to keep intact in their creative charm and immortal beauty.

About Zenith

Zenith Art & Fashion is a unique luxury gallery space in the heart of Miami that brings you exceptional artwork and creative fashion by the best from emerging and established artists & designers from around the world..