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Zenith Art & Fashion | About us
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Zenith Art & Fashion was created by the luxury Spanish brand Carla Cid de Diego, Madrid, that Fuses Art and Fashion in each design.


As an artist or designer, one of the most expensive parts of the business is to introduce your name into the market, especially in the international markets where you are either not known, don’t speak the language or don’t have easy access. Having your work displayed and sold is not just about getting to display it in a gallery or store and waiting for someone to fall in love with your work, it is to market it well enough and create the necessary campaigns so people get to know you and eventually buy from you.


Showcasing our works of art through unique exhibitions, creative art shows, artistic fashion shows, incredible performances and many other exciting events.


You can have the most amazing Art or Designs but if people don’t know you, you won’t get the results you are expecting, and that costs large investment, time and expertise that many don’t have.


Being artists and designers ourselves and knowing how hard it is to get your voice heard, we created Zenith Art & Fashion to do all that work for you, without you having to step away from your home or studio. We speak for you and we do the work for you, all for a fraction of the price that it would cost you to do it on your own.
Specializing in promotion we organize monthly events with Live Art, Live Music, Dance performances, Fashion Shows, Parties and all kinds of exciting celebrations, inviting key Luxury Clientele and press to push for greater sales.
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Location: 1440 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL, 33132