Engineer, sculptor, stage designer and interior designer, Fernando Cid de Diego was born December 24, 1942 in Valencia, Spain.

While studying naval engineering, he taught himself to sculpt, which has been his calling since childhood, and which consumed him such that he gave himself to it completely.


“A gifted craftsman in drawing, his lines are almost photographic. He is one of the best draftsman I have ever known”, said His Excellency Admiral Manuel Guillén, Director of the Naval Museum in Madrid, where Cid de Diego completed his research.


For Cid de Diego, his drawing is nothing less than the perfect tool with which to give contour to his works. Cid de Diego thinks volume, sees volume, and dreams volume.  Thus, his captivation by the art form makes perfect sense.


Two distinctly unique forces collaborated in the creation of this artist: his innate predisposition for art, and the technical knowledge acquired through his studies of engineering that can be so difficult and rare for an artist to acquire.


In Cid de Diego is the soul of a renaissance man with an insatiable curiosity, capable of writing a poem, working with machinery, painting a canvas and carving a sculpture.

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