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Zenith Art & Fashion | Events
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Experience Zenith Art & Fashion
Keeping in line with our vision and mission of uniting cultures through the fusion of the arts, at Zenith Art & Fashion we host truly unique creative events, shows and performances to create unforgettable Experiences. What we are unable to bring to you on a daily basis on our walls, our pedestals, and in our fashion boutique, we bring to life in a cross-pollination of live music from around the world and in all genres, spectacular fashion shows, ensnaring live art, performing arts, drink filled celebrations, artistic culinary experiences and unique special workshops that wake all our senses in a single space, bringing you into the world of Zenith.
Come visit us and experience Art, Experience Luxury, Experience Zenith.
Upcoming Events:

· August 30th, 2017: Karen Hoyos Seminar


· August 31st, 2017: Jazz on the Rocks

Past Events:

· April 28th, 2017: Opening of Zenith Art & Fashion


· June 30th, 2017: This is Zenith Art & Fashion


· July 11th, 2017: “Circulo de Influencia” with Karen Hoyos


· July 22nd, 2017: “La Esencia del Exito” with Karen Hoyos