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Alejandra Kohan is an Argentinian artist born in La Plata, Buenos Aires 1971 and raised in La Cumbre, Córdoba. In 1996 she studied serigraphy in Córdoba City. In 2000 she was named the co-director of the serigraphy workshop in “Nautilius Foundation”, founded by the renowned Argentinian artist Remo Bianchedi, in order to take young people from the streets to be trained in arts. At that moment she started mixing art and fashion, becoming her distinctive seal in her artwork, creating her wearable art brand “Iandra Kohan”, transferring her paintings to the clothes, basically wearing pieces of art. In 2001 she moved to Barcelona, where she exhibited and sold her artwork at several art and design fairs. After living there for 4 years, she moved back to Argentina, and opened her atelier in La Cumbre, where she took part in many art exhibitions in different parts of the country.


In 2013 the “INTI” (National Institute of Technological Clothing) recognized her work, introducing her name in their book “INTI: Mapa de Diseño 101 diseñadores de autor”.  The following year she received a distinctive mention as an outstanding woman of the year in the area of art and textile design, from La Cumbre, Córdoba Women’s Council.