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Colett was born from the creativity of a Valencian family. The story began “they do not remember when” because it actually started when the girls customized their headdresses and hats for events, being Fashionistas and specialists in Protocol and Etiquette helped them, along with their creativity, to grow professionally.  The gentlemen of the house were always very critical and opinionated (important task!) And thanks to the contribution of each member of this family and without hardly realizing they created the brand “Colett”, with an unexpected success, thanks to the quality and design of their products.

Lovers of nature and respectful of the environment, Colett only works with natural materials in a traditional way, such as hand-worked Spanish straw, natural fibers, touches of Valencian ceramics made and hand-painted. Also in some designs, silk is present, the impressive silk fabrics used in regional costumes from Valencia. We can distinguish the exquisite porcelain headpieces of Manises, handmade in the traditional way; with each leaf, each flower, each petal in perfect details.

“To be an artisan is to let your soul come to light transformed into a work of Art” The soul of Colett is transformed into delicate headdresses and accessories. Each design, each stitch, made with all the love in order to give that special and elegant touch that culminates a dress, the elegance of a spectacular headdress”. – The Colett Family.