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About This Project

Artist from the soul and trainer by vocation, Daniela Sukaczer was born in 1966 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an adult, she moved to Tigre, a town somehow apart from the city, whose river and exuberant nature have awakened all her senses and have encouraged Daniela to devote herself professionally to Art, which she has been enjoying since childhood. Having graduated as a Psychopedagogist specialized in Entrepreneurial Training, Daniela has been able to fully exercise her two professions in her various roles both as a Regional Manager in a multinational company and also as a Plastic Artist. Such distinct realities from different worlds have let her collect experiences, interact widely with different cultures, travel and assiduously visit art museums and galleries; and have also largely contributed -along with formal education- to her artistic development. Daniela has studied formally in national and international Art schools and artists workshops and also, and more informally, in the way artists used to do in times past, by travelling and exploring museums, galleries, exhibitions, fairs and biennials; interacting with other artists and reading and studying the Greatest Masters of painting. “On each new journey I take I explore and reinvent my work; and in doing so I end up reinventing myself”.