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About This Project

Artist from the soul and trainer by vocation, Daniela Sukaczer was born in 1966 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an adult, she moved to Tigre, a town somewhat apart from the city, whose river and exuberant nature have awakened all her senses and have encouraged Daniela to devote herself professionally to Art, which she has enjoyed since childhood. Having graduated as an Educational Psychologist specialized in Training, Daniela has been able to fully exercise her two professions in various roles, both as a Regional Manager in a multinational company and also as an Artist. Such different realities have let her collect experiences, interact widely with different cultures and be in continuous contact with international art. Both her careers have a single point of contact: communication to impact other people’s lives, either orally or visually. Daniela enjoys creating Constructive Tension both in her training sessions and in her paintings; pushing people to ask themselves intelligent questions.


She invites the audience to enjoy the endless paths of the journey, not only the destination.


Each series represents different moments, images and experiences that have had an impact on the artist’s life and have come down to us as visual messages.

Zero Point Series: This series coexists with the change from one decade to the next in her life where she needed to choose, re-elect, change and venture. All transmitted in the various vanishing points of her work, the superimposed paths, the realities in transparency, darkness and light. Like an architect designing a building she has chosen to shape the changes in her life.

Zero point sets out a new beginning at a mature stage in life, a great opportunity to make dreams come true.

The Essential Series: This series was inspired by the feelings and images gathered in her Palafito Studio, by the river in Tigre Delta.  It is an invitation to discover the important, the truthful and the essential. The stains talk about short important moments that we want to keep in our memory.  The color palette is restricted, to make focus, to relax the mind. The tangled vegetation speaks of nature and the change of seasons.

Leaving the viewer to make decisions, choose the path between black/white. The essential is what really matters. What brings calmness and balance to one’s mind, to keep important memories in snapshots.