Zenith | Fabio Pietrantonio
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Fabio Pietrantonio


Fabio Pietrantonio was born in Torino,  Italy on November 27, 1966.

He started his artistic experience by organizing parties and happenings with particular themes in Ibiza (Spain), Porto Cervo (Sardinia), and Milano planning all the artwork of the decorations. In 1990 he had the opportunity to participate in several collective exhibitions with other Italian artists in Porto Cervo and Milano.

In the following years he travelled frequently to Australia where he studied art and made contacts with groups of artists and schools in Sydney, Byron Bay and in the rainforest. Being strongly influenced by the symbolism and spirituality of the Aborigines, he started his quest for spiritual harmony in a civilization which is still anchored to a primitive lifestyle and culture, intact and not contaminated by progress and industrialization.

Subsequently he visited the American Indian Pueblos in New Mexico where he met with the elderly, getting inspiration from their sacred symbols. What he perceived from these cultures is the importance of getting over the contemporary anxiety caused by humankind’s alienation from nature and the instinctive capacity to return to it.

The natural and cosmic order of Pietrantonio’s work is expressed through materials such as wood, stone, powders, sand and pigments balanced with metals, gauzes, textiles and even flower petals. An inexhaustible source of inspiration is drawn from these objects carefully selected in unspoilt environments and attentively combined together on plastered canvases in a harmony of shapes, colors and sensations.

The use of such materials as wood, paper, iron, textiles and plaster, create what Pietrantonio defines as “totems” multi-formed objects, sculptured paintings which depict cosmic balance and harmony and transmit peacefulness. This is what he actually manages to express according to several collectors and experts who have seen his work during the past twenty years. Meeting him at his shows and during the preparation of such events in one of his ateliers, people are in direct contact with the artist, and when they watch him at work in his own environment they share his creative estro of the moment.

Fabio Pietrantonio, with his solar, cheerful, friendly and dynamic personality, is not the stereotype of the reserved and tormented artist who expresses his anxiety, tension and existential conflicts in his work. After the series of terrorist attacks that happened in the world, from 2004 Fabio started to be inspired by animals: bulls from Madrid, bears from New York, Fish as prosperity symbols, as totems that symbolize protection for people, and transmit messages of peace and faith. All of his work has a spiritual background, a search for balance and peace for the world.

Some of his most successful public temporary art projects, like “ Stop – Breath – Respect “ in Milano, which displayed 7 huge Earth sculptures covered by red rose petals, hung under the most famous arches and monuments, and “Acupuncture for the Planet” featuring a series of huge wood sticks in urban context, showing his talent of communicating his message to the public.