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Painting, Red Dot Miami

Kyle Pulley aka SNEAK, was born in 1987.

He lived 18 years in a small town in North Carolina.

He attended The University of North Carolina at Wilmington for Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. Mr. Pulley graduated and worked for Wells Fargo from age 21-24.

He didn’t care much for his job or that company and decided that Corporate 9-5 was not for him.

After learning to fix cell phones and computers and opening a couple stores, he also learned to turn his drawing skills into painting skills. His first real experiences with big time art was at Burning Man and Art Basel in 2014 where he found heaven. He has been painting the past 7 years in preparation to make his transition from his business to full time artist.


SNEAK knew he wanted to be a professional/career artist but knew it came with a financial/lifestyle risk, so he set a plan to make as much money as he could and live life a

little until he was 30 and then he would make his entry into his full-time art career.

Now at 31 and a year behind schedule, he is taking that step into the “larger world of

art”. He recently received a last minute opportunity to show his work at Spectrum

during Art Basel, which propelled his move from NC to Miami in 2018.

Since the move, he has been working on some concepts while his guys take care of his

stores back in NC. He is one step closer to his vision and says he is ready for this new

chapter in his life. Creating is his passion, and his provoking ideas will soon come from his mind to yours.