Zenith | M.O.A.L.
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Continentally and internationally known, M.O.A.L, is an Urban Installation conceptual and multi-media artist.

“Art is the rawest form of expressionism. My style is a cocktail from the struggle of surviving the the battlefield in Iraq and living in this complicated world” – M.O.A.L.

Images and quotes, phrases and lines come from his recollection of being in a subconscious state of  information. Most of the writing symbols in his work come from the one’s before the African was African and primitive before the modern.  Influenced by German Expressionism, Art Brut and west African hieroglyphics, M.OA.L investigates various tribal symbols across the globe. He calls his technique “The Mad Style”, and Atmospheric rhythmic trance and traditional linear Primitive Afro centric characters transform into layered complex conversation displacing and overstepping material, time and Space.

His works exhibited at Zenith Art & Fashion are all mixed media on pallets & wood, perfect for exterior spaces.