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GOMAD (Marcus Debie) was born in Sittard, The Netherlands, in 1972 and still lives and works there. His artistic passion has been fostered by the movie Beat Street and the graffiti documentary Wild Style: he has been therefore developing an interest in the graffiti scene since the beginning of the 80s. Due to the artistic contacts which GOMAD has started in those teenager years, he has lately begun his creative path. He has been seeking for thirty years a personal painting language and abilities in which the art of graffiti and murals plays a central role, while dedicating time to his own academic education to be a muralist and painter.


Illustrations, which is the subject he got his graduation in at the Academy of Arts in Sittard, has an important impact on his works along with classic Greek art, (sur)realism and cubism also known as post-neo-cubism. This can be recognized in GOMAD’s attempt to harmonize anatomic proportion and graphic dynamics true craftsmanship and skills. Gomad creates a style in which time is considered as a concept, which by being closed into immaterial solid shapes, is crystallized into geometric shape in order to revisit the idea of the perpetual presence.