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About This Project

After playing at a high level of Hockey (Minor Pro and European), everything that Michael has put in for 20 years has been nothing but pure energy. The physicality and pace of the game has transcended into his creative process. As a hockey player he had the opportunity to travel to different cities, day and night, and as he passed through on the bus at a high rate of speed, He discovered his inspiration. Painting, like hockey allows Michael to have a high intense release of energy. That is why when he paints, he paints with as much outward emotional energy as he has to emulate that same release but more intimately. Oil painting has taught Michael to slow down, because his lifestyle has always been performance-based.

The process in which he creates his oil paintings requires more patience, which allows him to reflect. Much like hockey, his energy is translated through a vessel; although instead of a hockey stick, it’s a paintbrush or a pallet knife. Michael’s inspiration comes from the energy and movement of the city, which he feels is best captured in the city lights. Michael would like to create an intense, powerful and energetic feel in the main gallery where people can view city streets at different times of the day and feel the energy and movement of the bursting metropolis.