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About This Project

Theodoros Nikolaidis is a Greek artist based in Germany where he grew up. He recognised his passion for painting in his early years as a child.

Inspired by ancient Greek legends and Mythology and puts his artwork in the form of gods and animals into the modern era, mystical and full of passion, using a range of materials that includes acrylic paint, spray paint, gold leaf, silver leaf and copper leaf.


He is smart, highly sensitive and full of empathy. At his young age of 25, his work has been exhibited all over the world.

He never stops smiling and is always ready to take any risk necessary. His way of thinking about art reaches a whole new level of creativity and craziness.


Always finding a way of experimenting with any new material which he can use for his artwork.


Not only on the art scene, he’s a well-known person, having created his own fashion and has his own brand which he combines with his artwork and painting.