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Adry Balbo


Born in Argentina, Adry Balbo develops her life exploring and growing as an artist.

She graduated as a Fine Art professor from the University of Fine Arts Rogelio Yrurtia de Mataderos.


From painting she leaped into the Theatre. Adry Balbo dedicates her life to Art, developing herself into two very distinct parts of herself. On the one hand through Interpretation, being a channel to share a message, Acting. And on the other hand a much more authentic and personal aspect, Painting, where everything she feels and thinks is reflected onto the canvas or wall. She develops different aspects of Live Painting, including recycled materials, raising awareness about the environment.
She uses photocatalyzing paints (that absorb carbon monoxide) on several occasions. 


She has participated in artistic marketing campaigns for Levi's, Cerveza Sol, Natura, Samsonite, Johnny Walker, Coca Cola, Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud, Mumm, Fedua, Foro de Seguros, Warner Bros and ComicCon amongst others.

Adry Balbo is the coordinator for the Movement Muralists Against Bullying, inviting students from different schools to participate, speaking about this social issue and leaving a positive message on the murals.

She also volunteers painting social shelters in emergency areas such as Villa 31 y LA Cava.

Always connected with ecology, she participated in the Sustainable Festival and the Bioferia in South America. 

Adry Balbo has left her mark in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil and more, participating in festivals and exhibitions.
Today Adry is in the USA ready to fill this country with her beautiful creations, and putting her works on canvas to reach everyone’s homes.

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