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Giano Currie


Giano Currie is an award-winning Surinamese Fine Art Photographer who produces my art on metal. He leverages Dye Sublimated Aluminum Plates to create Organic Imagery which fosters a dialogue between the viewer and his art. By painting organic form with shadows and highlighting its symmetry with light, Giano has been able to create a unique language that leaves empty-space vulnerable to the enthusiasts' imagination.


Giano’s choice of using metal instead of paper also serves a unique purpose. By using the reflective characteristics of aluminum, he can subconsciously reflect the viewer in his work, which pays tribute to the fact that art is a reflection of one's self. 


Over the years Giano has worked with Super-Models (Jeana Turner), Grammy-winning Musicians (Eskeerdo and Twelve’Len), Distinguished Artists (Bradley Theodore), Best-selling Authors (Christopher Kai) and Record Holding Olympians (Renzo Tjon-A-Joe).


As Giano’s style progresses, he has formed a unique language which speaks to an exotic-modern future not seen in other photographers.

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