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Goofy G Art

The Netherlands

Dutch born artist, Goofy arrived in Ibiza in 2010. Leaving his native homeland, The Netherlands, for a complete lifestyle change. Being a former company owner this was a dramatic change in life for him, allowing for both business and pleasure to take place. With a great passion for jewelry and diamonds and his new discovery of Swarovski crystal elements, taxidermy and interest in animal skulls, horns and antlers from South Africa, South America and England, the creation of Goofy G.


Art officially took place in 2013. Swarovski crystal elements combined with the skulls of cape buffalo, stags, kudu and a variety of different objects, caused an unbelievable turn around in the way we view natural animal remains as they are transformed into dramatic glittering art.


One of his ultimate works is his Tommy Gun, covered with more than 66,000 Swarovski crystals, all handset, one by one...

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