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Josh Universe


Josh Universe was born and raised in the town of Mobile, Alabama. Early influence from Japanese art and animation inspired his love for art. As his love grew, Josh continued to refine his skills as an artist. Eventually, deciding to follow a career path as an artist, he began oil painting in 2016. Upon graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2019, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to focus on his career.

¨Despite my sociable personality, I have always been rather quiet. That is why I love art, as a whole. It speaks for me; it allows people to understand me, and hear my voice on a higher level than words. I’ve always admired the works of Renaissance painters, and strived to master the skill, as they did. Which is why I chose the medium oil paint. The act of oil painting also teaches me patience and discipline within my everyday life. To watch a painting slowly come together, reassures me that slow and steady always wins the race in life. 

I have always wanted to create work that even the average person can experience, understand and admire. I have been heavily influenced by Japanese animation, and the realism of Renaissance art. I combine these two forms within my work to tell a story, or express a feeling in a new way. Through my art, I look to understand more of myself, and the world around me. Likewise, I seek to make the viewer question, and interpret it in their own way. I believe by combining realism and surrealism, my art can give people a more creative outlook on life.¨

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