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Micha Häni aka Vierwind was born and raised in Bern / Switzerland in 1994 and made after school an apprenticeship as polydesigner 3D. After completing his apprenticeship, he continued to work part-time on the job. Besides, he started painting canvases and selling them.

The demand for his art quickly increased and so he decided to turn his passion into a profession in 2016.

Already at a young age Vierwind was very passionate about graffiti and street art. This kind of art was the basis of his first works and influenced his artistic career.


Over the years he learned a variety of techniques and mixed them in his art. The detailed and complex motifs combined with the quick graffiti lines make up his unique style today.

Vierwind mainly paints canvases for private persons. However, his art can also be found in the Swiss government, in several large Swiss companies and in luxury properties offered for sale by real estate companies. But he doesn’t only make his art on canvases. He also paints large walls for restaurants and stores, works for fashion labels or creates covers for musicians or book authors.


What runs through his works is the clear positive attitude. Vierwind says: "I want to convey an encouraging message through my art and motivate people to see the good and remind them that life is a gift."

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