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Ulrich Will Wandelt


Born in Bristow, Germany in 1956, Ulrich W. Wandelt is a self-taught artist. 

After studying construction he moved to Styria, Austria in 2014, where he found his passion for painting. His first painting was a watercolor that he created in 2015.

At first Art was a pure hobby for him, but he always had the desire to be recognized and respected as an artist in the near future. Driven by ambition and joy, an unbridled passion for painting developed.

Each painting became an experiment and at the same time served as a study for his own evolution and development as an artist.

The most important, however, was the search for a style of its own, a signature of its own, which in its nature and form, sets itself apart from general modern art.

Wandelt mainly works with acrylics, but often ventures into new experiments, styles and mediums, always evolving.


“Even though I am there, my creativity is unrestrained. Again and again I deal with new ideas and their implementation. Everything I've created so far has been born from my own ambition and unbridled joy in art” - Ulrich Will Wandelt.


A friend said: “With your vision, your ambition and your talent you will do many great things and change the world a bit ".

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