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Yoenlis Delgado

Cuba / USA

Cuban painter and sculptor. Born on February 20, 1978, in La Habana, Cuba. Graduated from “20 de Octubre” School of Fine Arts, and also attended San Alejandro Art Academy.” Because of the impediments and obstacles in his career, He decided to get out of Cuba. Currently he resides in Miami, Florida.


Yoenlis experimented with an arrange of different industries and mediums. He ventured in the motorcycle industry, and found the opportunity to experiment with new materials and tools that opened new ways to express his art.

He earned a lot of knowledge on his new medium and spent many years perfecting it. This gave way to a new world for him and made him an experienced welder and metal former. His work shows many ways of molding, texturing, welding, stretching, shrining, riveting, bending, and forming different kinds of metals and the combination of them to create art.

Yoenlis also learned the complex word of fiberglass, industrial fillers, paints and finishes for a complete package in the metal refinishing industry.

Each of his pieces are individually crafted from a variety of metals, different finishes and techniques. It combines both of his passions, Ocean and Metal.

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