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Eduardo echeverría


Eduardo Echeverría was born in Santiago de Chile in 1958.


He studied Art at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Chile. His first solo show was with the Gallery CAL in Santiago, where he was awarded the Great Award of the Museum of Fine Arts and participated in the Valparaiso Biennial where he won the 1st Price for Installation Art in 1981.


Later on, he was sponsored by the Corporation of Friends of Art in Spain to work on a sculpture with the Maestro Sergio Castillo and also in Palma de Mallorca with the artist Toni Riera, participating in several exhibitions while he was in the country.


In 1985 he returned to Chile, where he joined Taller Peñalolen with the sculptors Mario Irarrázaval & Osvaldo Peña, and since then he participated in many collective exhibitions in his country, like CEPAL (with a Chilean Sculpture for Nairobi, Kenya).


He created a traveling gallery in his motor home, taking it around South America and participating in several exhibitions in different countries.


In 2009, he was invited by the group of detainees to create a piece as a Tribute to Colonia Dignidad in Parral, Chile.

In 2014 he exhibited some of his works in Lima, Peru, with the Cultural Center of San Isidro. For the following 3 years he participated in several group and solo shows in Peru as well as Uruguay and Chile.

In 2018 he traveled across 15 states in the USA from California to NY, showing his works.

That same year he participated in the Sculpture Biennial in Chile, winning the Critiques’ Award.


This year he is participating in the World Art Fair in Dubai and showing his works at Zenith Art & Fashion in Miami, Florida.

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