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Esteban Whiteside (b. 1985) is a self-taught artist based in Washington D.C.

Whiteside’s hard truths through childlike, reductive forms reveal the difficult realities of American society.
Boldly colored, these paintings initially allow for an aesthetically playful escape however, upon further investigation reveal a sharp and critical insight of today’s world.

This juxtaposition, what Whiteside refers to as Concrete Oppressionism, targets topics and their subjects to reveal the absurdity of American culture removing any room for interpretation. The obvious parodies are irreverent symbols intended to further reduce the weight of the truth which is too heavy to analyze in any other visual form. 

Whiteside's work has appeared in The New York Times, Complex, Hyperallergic, Widewall and Sugarcane Mag and Spike Lee’s  She’s gotta have it season 2. He has exhibited throughout the United States including Nevermore Park, Chicago, IL; Richard Beavers Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; and Superposition, Sag Harbor, NY. 

Notable collections include, Storm Ascher, Warachel Faison, Joe Fresh, Mr. Niceart, Kieth Pizzi, Vaughn Millette, Spice Adams, Jesse Williams, Dwamina Drew, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Valicia Brown.

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