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South Africa

Xhaguar was born in Capetown South Africa at a time of turbulent social changes. Madiba, Nelson Mandela, was still imprisoned, but negotiations for a transition away from the apartment system had already begun. These events have shaped Xhaguar to this day. With his work he questions the values of our society at the present time, because obviously these values are not set in stone and, like nature, are subject to organic evolution. What is considered the norm and true today, may be considered absolutely wrong tomorrow.

"How can we keep score if less is more." What are our values that we convey to future generations? What is our personal definition of valuable today from each and every one of us?


As an Artist and Artivist, he does not want to focus on nature, but rather take the position from and with nature. We are all one. Living in an all-reflecting and comprehensive system.


Involved in a water cleaning project in Tulum, Mexico, Xhaguar came in contact with the world of beautiful corals for the first time. He immediately fell in love with them and their sensitive structures. A pattern that can be found everywhere in nature, be it an image of our vein structure, the leaf of a tree or the fur design of a giraffe.


Learning about the immediate danger these corals are facing at the verge of extinction, caused by global climate change, Xhaguar decided to take action and raise a voice for these species in his own artistic way. Call it Fine Art Artivism, with which he uses the sales of his artworks to support different coral foundations.


His Artwork is a Manifest of his point of view in the philosophical, spiritual and material Sense. Like his great role model Leonardo da Vinci, Xhaguar is fascinated and inspired by nature, which he uses as a blueprint for all of his work as in Art, Architecture and experimental Prototyping.


In his view, God is the artist.

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