Novae Artis

USA / Mexico

NOVAE ARTIS is the collaboration between art enthusiasts and investors, who have seen the need to give Huichol art its rightful place in the beaux-art sphere.


We are about bringing “Inspiration through Art.” Whether at home or in your workplace, the art surrounding you should not just compliment a space, but make it unique, inspirational, exciting, and personal.  However, Novae Artis is not just another art gallery. We have chosen Huichol art for our love for the art form and the tremendous amount of work that goes into each distinctive piece – some containing more than 250,000 tiny glass beads.


The idea for Novae Artis was born from the desire to support talented, but impoverished artists of the Huichol community in Mexico. At Novae Artis, we have selected extremely skilled, but underprivileged artists, mostly women who are the main supporters of their families, for whom we provide a platform so they can focus on their calling – making amazing art.


Novae Artis provides the artists with all the raw materials of highest quality so they can share their inspiration through their art, and bring admirers inspiration and joy, while sharing in the commercial success, and elevate themselves out of poverty.


We believe that Huichol's incredible art should be accessible to be enjoyed by everyone, while at the same time creating an economical support network for a minority community.


We offer their work since we believe their art will withstand the test of time, as it has for the past centuries, both aesthetically and financially.


We hope that art lovers of all stripes and from around the globe will take the time to view the extraordinary works by talented artists we have featured on our web site and come to our exhibit.  

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