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About Us


Welcome to Zenith Art & Fashion, your premier Artistic Agency specializing in marketing and PR. With a rich history of curating shows and seamlessly merging the Arts in both Europe and the United States, we are here to elevate your experience in the Contemporary Art & Fashion world.

Founded by Carla Cid de Diego, Zenith Art & Fashion embodies a legacy of creativity rooted in Madrid, Spain. Raised in a family immersed in artistic pursuits, with a grandfather who was Salvador Dalí's personal lawyer and a father recognized globally for his sculptural contributions, Carla absorbed invaluable lessons in both art and business from an early age.

Carla's journey led her from Madrid to the United States at the age of 10, preserving her Spanish roots while embracing the vast landscape of art and design. Education at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology, specializing in Art, Fashion and Marketing, became the catalyst for her creative aspirations, setting the stage for a career that spanned dynamic art and fashion markets across the USA, Spain, UK, and China.

Artistry & Fashion:

Fueled by a love for art, Carla ventured into the creation of a personal fashion brand, seamlessly merging Art and Fashion into a harmonious blend of creativity and style.

Zenith Art & Fashion:

Founded on Carla's unwavering quest for artistic excellence, Zenith Art & Fashion is grounded in the belief that creativity and marketing can elevate artists and brands, fostering synergistic partnerships and opportunities. Bridging Art Worlds.

Carla's global network of art collectors, cultivated through familial connections, forms the backbone of our focus on Blue Chip Art. Specializing in works from Renaissance to Contemporary giants like Michelangelo, Goya, Picasso, Dalí, and Basquiat, Zenith Art & Fashion assists collectors in unearthing extraordinary pieces in the secondary market.

The mission of Zenith Art & Fashion is to bridge cultures through the seamless fusion of the arts, presenting captivating works in various styles, from painting and sculpture to photography and fashion. Zenith facilitates connections between artists, designers, and businesses, opening doors to promotional opportunities in magazines, TV channels, events, and sales ventures.

Zenith links artists with collectors, designers with boutiques, and businesses with potential clients. Moreover, Zenith extends its reach to connect creative enterprises with luxury clients on a national and international scale. We help you push your brand into the market, doing all the necessary promotion, opening doors and creating opportunities to obtain more visibility, credibility and potential clients, while you do what you do best. We are your backup team, no matter where you are, we do all the work for you internationally.
Elevate your brand in the market and explore possibilities for brand sponsorships, collaborations, and partnerships.


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