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Ibiza - Madrid - Miami
New York

"Uniting Cultures through the Fusion of the Arts"

Welcome to Zenith Art & Fashion – an avant-garde art and design agency specializing in PR, marketing, exhibitions, events, and brand partnerships. We proudly represent global artists, fashion designers, and businesses seeking to elevate their presence through innovative channels and diverse markets.

Our mission is to bridge cultures through the seamless fusion of the arts, presenting captivating works in various styles, from painting and sculpture to photography and fashion. Zenith facilitates connections between artists, designers, and businesses, opening doors to promotional opportunities in magazines, TV channels, events, and sales ventures.

We link artists with collectors, designers with boutiques, and businesses with potential clients. Moreover, Zenith extends its reach to connect creative enterprises with luxury clients on a national and international scale. Elevate your brand in the market and explore possibilities for brand sponsorships, collaborations, and partnerships.

Excitingly, Zenith Art & Fashion has joined forces with Zenith Luxe Artistic Curation, a prestigious firm based in NYC and Miami. Together, we seamlessly blend the realms of Art and ultra-luxury Real Estate, bringing art to properties listed between $5 - $30 million.

These exclusive properties are located in NYC, New Jersey, and South Florida.

Let Zenith Art & Fashion propel your business to new heights, seamlessly integrating your name and brand into the realms of luxury and creativity.

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Promotion through the National & International markets

Connecting your company/brand/name to luxury clientele

Finding promotional opportunities for your name/brand/business in Magazines, TV, interviews, events, sponsorships, and collaborations.

Press Releases

Sales services

Promotion through our website

Promotion through our social media

Professional photo and video shoots for your work or brand

Creative business advising

Artists, designers, and companies need marketing to set their names apart and attract clients. Zenith Art & Fashion handles all of that, through the luxury world, at a fraction of the price of any other regular marketing agency.


Join us at Zenith Art & Fashion and let your name and brand shine on a global stage.




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