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Ana andras


Ana Andras is from Madrid, Spain, where she studied charcoal drawing and oil painting. Later she moved to the USA and England where she continued her art education.


In 1994, she moved to Comarruga, Tarragona, where she took Enamel Courses at Fenosa School in El Vendrell for several years, meanwhile she continued exhibiting her paintings.


In 2005 she attended La Massana School of Art in Barcelona for Jewellery-Making, and worked in the workshops of other enamel artists.  Since 2006 she has established her own workshop, and every year she designs a new line of jewellery in silver and copper bases with fused enamel.


From 2011 to 2014 she opened a Gallery called “Studio of Art Andras”, in Calafell, Tarragona.


In 2015 Ana Andras moved to Madrid, and worked at Luis Valles Studio where she learned several painting techniques for portraits with enamel, creating wonderful pieces for her own collections.


In 2018 she found enamel on steel, a new technique that she learned at the Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation in Kentucky US, and another course in Altrich Germany with the Creative-Kreis International.


Today she is using this new technique on steel and is working on a collection of sculptures and other styles of artwork.

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