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Jesse Nusbaum


Jesse Nusbaum is a sculptor best known for his realist, bronze animal sculptures whose commitment to fidelity is displayed in a unique technique he developed to highlight surface details. The resulting sculptures appear so lifelike that viewers report feeling they experienced a face-to-face encounter with an actual animal. As an animal lover and athlete, Nusbaum has incorporated these two passions into his life and work. He enjoys being surrounded by animals, and his close interaction with and observation of them brings a unique sensitivity to his sculptures. As for his athleticism, the type of sculpting he does is very physical work. Some of his clay pieces weigh several hundred pounds before being fired. Nusbaum earned a Studio Art degree from Muhlenberg College and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and included in several private collections. His sculptures have earned him international recognition in print publications and books, including: “The Art Album Live” by Dawud Knuckles (2015), Original Living Magazine (2018), “100 Artists of the Future” art book in Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (coming out in 2019), and two editions of World Wide Art Books: “Important World Artists” (2018) and “International Contemporary Masters” (2019).  In addition to pursuing sculpture, he spends time mentoring and teaching art to students while maintaining a studio in his hometown of Weston, Connecticut.

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