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Silvia Sanguino


Silvia Sanguino’s extensive professional journey has always been influenced by art and design. In the public relations firm which was created in 1973 in Spain, she was designing alongside the great publicists of the time, such as Antonio Palacios, Luis Elvira and Zamorano, among others. S. Sanguino’s determined pursuit to actively participate in many facets of art gave her the opportunity to work for three years with the renowned film director Buñuel. “The work of this genius of cinematography opened my mind and taught me to better appreciate the beauty of the small, everyday things that surround us” . – Silvia Sanguino.

Her marriage to sculptor Cid de Diego immersed her in the passionate world of sculpture. Through her travels throughout the world,  preparing the sculptor’s expositions, she encountered a great number of international artists who directly affected her, broadening her understanding of the many varying mediums of the visual arts.

In 1983, along with her husband, Ms. Sanguino founded the GFE Group in Spain, a company dedicated to set design and construction, as well as decoration of large-scale international events, such as the EXPO ’92 in Seville. Her responsibilities are divided between overseeing the contracting department and doing the painting and finishing work on the company’s projects. The latter, according to the artist, is how she relaxes and alleviates the stress of her business obligations.
In 1993, Ms. Sanguino and her husband expanded their business, creating the company Scene Stealer Design in Miami, Florida in the USA. Since that time, this new company has been producing set design, interior design and works for major special events such as the EMMY Awards and the Miami Centennial. Ms. Sanguino is responsible for all of the painting and finishes that each project requires, as well as participating in the majority of the designs and fabrication of the artistic pieces that the company creates.
Now, with a lifetime of artistic experiences behind her, Silvia Sanguino steals time between her many obligations to draw on this experience and explore her new path as an artist in her own right. “I have been doing the same thing I have for years. The only difference is the way it is being shown. Art is art and it is of little importance whether it is part of an interior design, a large set design or a small painting. It is merely a question of having something to say and saying it with beauty in your unique voice. My painting is volume and color mixed with unique natural elements that call out to me in my journey of day to day life”.

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